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Our strategic partnership with leading manufacturers across the globe facilitate constant production of innovative ingredients for a diverse customer base.


A global company that is a leader in manufacturing ester chemistry solutions, Hallstar’s expertise lies in 100% vegetal oil-extracted eco-actives, photostabilization science and active and functional naturals.

With specialization in premium butters and exotic oil ingredients made exclusively for personal care applications, the company also creates 100% natural oil-based actives with patented processes. Its R&D team also facilitates the creation of custom solutions.


A global manufacturer of specialty ingredients and extracts for uses in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and personal care products. Specialized in innovative ingredients and formulations that deliver high performance.


A Brazilian company specializing in active minerals and 100% natural clays for skin and hair care applications. With improved elasticity of skin and enhanced SPF and Matte effect, Terrameter clay minerals also reduces hair breakage and offers sebum control.


Akott, based in Italy, is known for its active contribution in creating, marketing and identifying specialties and high-functional active ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industry. The company has cutting edge equipment powered by the latest technology to create original formulas for face, body, hair care, makeup and sunscreens.