Speciality Oils & Butters

Sr no Products INCI Apperence Features & Benefits
1 Biochemica Murumuru Butter - White to yellow solid fat This Brazilian Amazon treeunique butter has a distinctive melting curve, skin feel and moisture binding attributes.
2 Biochemica Cupuacu Butter Refined - Light tan fat Brazilian AmazoniaCupuacu Butter helps to restore flexibility, moisture retention ability and elasticity to the skin.
3 Biochemica Cranberry Butter Organic - Pink to pale red butter Antioxidant and Vit-C rich, this super-fruit butter work as a natural moisturiser aiding in cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis.
4 Biochemica Matcha Green Tea Butter - ?Deep green soft butter (fat The high anti-oxidant content in this butter protect the skin from aging and serious damage in general from the sun's UVB rays. It has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite and anti-irritancy effects.
5 Biochemica Aloe Butter - Soft, off-white semi-solid fat Completely natural butter used for cutaneous dryness to assist in moisturization after exposure to sun and other harsh elements
6 Biochemica Olive Butter - Soft pale yellow fat This Mediterranean butter has higher melting characteristics and excellent spreadability on the skin, makes it ideal as a massage butter or carrier for treatment products.
7 Biochemica Lavender Butter - Soft white to light tan semi-solid to solid fat This luxurious butter gives soothing, calming, and near sedative effects in an easy-to-use butter base that will add amazing skin feel to any formulation.
8 Biochemica Orange Butter - Soft pale orange fat A very effective free radical scavenger with cleansing and toning effect on skin that can address oily skin and acne problems
9 Biochemica Tangerine Butter - Soft pale orange fat With its sweet and tantalizing scent, this butter relieves stress and anxiety by stimulating the senses. And the natural high levels of Vitamin A in it, makes it effective for the treatment of acne and oily skin.
10 Biochemica Mango Butter Ultra - Pale yellow solid fat Exhibits excellent moisturizing properties and good lubricity
11 Biochemica Cocoa Butter Deodorized/White - Tan colored fat Reduces cutaneous dryness and improve skin elasticity. Ideally suited for use in high-end cosmetics
12 Biochemica Shea Butter Refined - ?Soft white fat It helps with the resolution of cutaneous dryness, dermatitis, dermatoses, eczema, solar erythema and superficial burns
13 Biovera200X Aloe - Crystalline powder USDA Certified Organic, spray-dried crystalline powder produced from 100% pure liquid of organically-cultivated aloe vera plant.
14 Biochemica Camellia Tea Oil - Clear light yellow liquid Highly restorative and quick-penetrating cold-pressed oil withnatural anti-oxidantsgiving a unique skin feel and rejuvenating properties.
15 Biochemica? Almond Butter - Soft ivory to greenish solid fat The butter is created by blending the almond oil with hydrogenated vegetable oils to produce a soft, light colored butter with mild odor and excellent melting properties suitable for skin care.