Volcanic Certified Clays

Sr no Products INCI Appearance Features & Benefits
1 TERSIL CB Black Clay Perfect for men cosmetics, with oil control and anti-dandruff benefits. Tersil CB can also be used as an exfoliant, facial gel, liquid soap, bars soap, shampoo for oily hair, and masks.
2 TERSIL CGY Golden yellow It recovers highly damaged hair, as proven by efficacy studies. With anti-pollution and detox activity, works as an active barrier.
3 TERSIL CP Purple clay It is ideal for use in Dry Shampoo, Facial gel (for cleaning and removing the oiliness), Liquid soap, Bars soap, and facial masks. It has anti-pollution & detox activity, acting as an active barrier.
4 TERSIL G Green Clay It reduces skin oiliness in up to 29%, proven by efficacy studies. Its use is indicated to deep and gentle cleaning, replacing totally or partially surfactants.
5 TERSIL R Red Clay Promoting an amazing anti-aging effect and anti-pollution & detox activity. In addition, improves emulsion and gel stability, as well as cosmetic sensory.
6 TERSIL CBH Bentonite improves thixotropic behavior in hydrophilic gel formulas.
7 White clay white clay It promotes an whitening effect proven with efficacy studies. Anti-pollution activity and matte effect. In addition, it improves cosmetic stability, as well as cosmetic sensory.